Real Sword TYPE 97 AEGs in Real Training

In December, Chinese and Russian troops took part in a joint anti-terrorism drill in Yichuan, China. This exercise which ran from the 2nd to 13th of December in 2017, was meant to improve the various participant’s capabilities in carrying out joint counter-terrorism operations.


There were thirty-two members of China’s Desert Fox commando unit, alongside the same number of their Russian peers from the Vityaz and Rys units that were a part of the exercise.

One of the training tools that was seen during the anti-terror drill, was the Real Sword Type-97 airsoft Automatic Electronic Gun (AEG). The winter season in Yinchuan is incredibly cold, with dusty winds, and raging sands. Despite this, the RS Type 97 AEG was able to perfectly withstand the harsh climates and environmental tests, perfectly accomplishing the Close Quarter Combat (CQB) aspect of the drill.


The RS Type 97 is a true training tool, with airsoft roots. Joining many of the newest and latest training equipment available to the People’s Liberation Army.

-Originally written by the Real Sword Facebook Staff, re-edit by Far East Tactical

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