Introduction to JSDF Infantry Weapons:

The history of Japanese small arms goes back many centuries. With the defeat of Imperial Japan and the loss of its heavy industry, little thought was given to arms production in the post-war era. Initially only producing replacement M1 Garand and Carbine parts for the newly fledged GSDF, Howa heavy machinery has evolved to producing original designs suited for the Japanese Self Defense Force.

Because of early widespread adoption of indigenous small arms designs, there is a noticeable lack of stand-in replicas available. The most common service rifle that is available as a replica is the TM Type 89, first developed as a training rifle and has proven to be reliable so long as a rigorous maintenance schedule is followed.

Below is a list of small arms suitable for portraying GSDF forces. This list is not exhausted, and will be updated as newer type replicas become available on the market.

GSDF Rifles:


Howa Type 64

Suggested Airsoft Replicas:
-S&T Type 64
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Howa Type 89

GSDF Side Arms:


SIG-Sauer P220

Suggested Airsoft Replicas:
-Tanaka SIG P220 Japan

GSDF Light Machine Guns:


FN Minimi

Suggested Airsoft Replicas:
-A&K Full Metal M249

GSDF Sub-Machine Guns


Minebea PM-9

Suggested Airsoft Replicas:
-Mach Sakai MDN Corp Minebea PM-9 AEG

GSDF Marksman Weapons:


M24 Sniper

Suggested Airsoft Replicas:
-Snow Wolf US Army M24

Note: Plenty of options, recommend one that is VSR-10 compatible.