PLA kits for beginners

Updated 01.10.2018 for additional new finds and links.

So you want a new PLA kit, huh?

Lately, I've been asked the question of how to put together a PLA kit. Originally, my idea was to offer some of the solutions on our website. Unfortunately, our 'logistics chain' is not yet complete, and we're still sorting a lot of our own ideas out. Still, we would love to see other enthusiasts begin building their kits, and joining us on the field. As such, I've put together this newbie guide towards purchasing your own first PLA kit.

For Japanese players, check out this guide HERE.

Please note that this guide is created for people living on North America. But if you're Canadian or something, chances are that this guide will work for you. Alright, here we go:


The look described in this guide is the basic PLA soldier. This guide will cover just the basics, add whatever needed from your own collection or from other sources to complete your kit


Obtaining surplus Chinese uniforms is not too difficult. Occasionally, you will actually find used and authentic copies in surplus shops. The only issue is that they are sort of beat up, and sizes might be a little lacking, sometimes only pants or trousers are available.

You can search for online shops, using the key words "07 PLA uniform BDU". This will lead you to shops online, usually from Hong Kong where copies of said uniforms can be purchased. Some of the online market places where I've made prior purchases from, and whom I can vouch for include:

-Major Surplus

-D Store (Japan, you will have to contact them via twitter)

-Royal Tiger Gear

Personal Combat Gear:

This is where shit gets tricky. Personal Combat Gear depends on your own preferences. Obviously plate carriers will be far more expensive than tactical rigs. Actually, plate carriers are also very difficult to obtain. You can always check with the D-Store, or Ebay. Stateside, your options are limited. The cheapest option I've found is the Type-95 rig. It's older, reliable, and works well for what it's suppose to do.


You can find these at surplus shops. Alternatively you can also check with Ebay. Actually you can find a bunch of random PLA personal combat gear on Ebay. The issue is that they are all very expensive.

UPDATE: 07 Digital Load Bearing Vest can be bought  here .

UPDATE: 07 Digital Load Bearing Vest can be bought here.

UPDATE: 06 Woodland PCG can be found  here .

UPDATE: 06 Woodland PCG can be found here.

Head Gear:

Thankfully, headgear is somewhat of an easier thing. You just need a helmet cover for your Airsoft replica. Either you can purchase this on Ebay, search for "PLA helmet cover" or you can event visit the Royal Tiger Gear store as mentioned above. However, the easiest option is just to purchase a replica off AliExpress.


You can find that HERE.


Finally, you need a gun. If you're going for a non-FARB, realistic load out, it is suggested that you somehow find a Real Sword Type-97 full battle rifle. I'm not going to lie, these things are difficult to find. If you Google it, you might get lucky and find some place overseas that still has these rifles in stock. The price is kind of expensive. Alternatively, you can substitute it with an AK replica of your choice.

Somewhere in between is to get a Real Sword Type-56-2 in black.


It's not actually a PLA service weapon, but it has seen some limited use in reserve forces. Realistically it's a stand-in for a Type-81. Evike has a few in stock, so get them while they're hot. Make sure of their daily discounts. For what it is, this is a solid rifle that you can use with a Russian kit.

Get that HERE.


Other pieces and knickknacks for your kit.  

UPDATE: Canteens can be found  here .

UPDATE: Canteens can be found here.

UPDATE: QBZ Type-97 sling can be found  here .

UPDATE: QBZ Type-97 sling can be found here.

UPDATE: Old school Tokarev Pistol can be found  here .

UPDATE: Old school Tokarev Pistol can be found here.

UPDATE: Outdoor Rain Poncho can be found  here .

UPDATE: Outdoor Rain Poncho can be found here.

So there you have it. Your first PLA kit. Hopefully this was helpful. As always, if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. I hope this guide has been useful. See you comrades on the battlefield.