East Asian Military Guides

Merry fucking Christmas kids,

We're approaching that time of the year again. I don't have your presents, but I do have a few updates. As Far East Tactical expands, we hope to build and maintain a community of people who run East Asian kits in Airsoft and MilSim. To that, we need to provide our community information about how to run these kits, which replica guns are kosher, and what camouflage is what camouflage. We have thus embarked on a 'Field Manual' project. These will be guide books and reference material for our players. This way, we can bring everyone up to speed. The field guides are aimed at an early to spring 2018 release. No grantees yet. Our first two projects are the Chinese PLA and Japanese JSDF guides. Rumor has it, that an ROK guide will be created as well.

Major props to Kenneth Young, who is helping out with his free time.

JSDF Guide.png