Chinese Military Uniform: Tags & Factory Stamps

We’ve been covering PLA gear for a while now. We’ve talked about what you should wear for your impression. We’ve talked about how to get your equipment. We’ve even demoed it in a video. Now, we’re tackling something overlooked: how to figure what that stamp in your PLA BDU means:

Luckily, Japanese airsofter Kohei Shirato has figured that out for us:

WeChat Image_20190924015701.jpg

Hope it helps?

Passion Leads Army


Passion Leads Army: Glorious MIssion

Now Available:!TYFSGZiI!wNXn5jNw5l5LooDPDsQLxA

We’ve been a little busy these days. So here’s a link to Passion Leads Army: Glorious Mission, AKA the Chinese Call of Duty clone. Funny enough, it’s not the first Asian COD clone. That honor belongs to 7554, a Vietnamese Call of Duty clone that takes place during the First Indochina/ Vietnamese War of Independence conflict.

Passion Leads Army started out as a military simulator, similar to that of America’s Army, when it was first pitched as a simulation program similar to VBS1. Eventually, Passion Leads Army was released as a commercial game in China, becoming sort of a regional COD, complete with DLC and other China-centric content. The game being linked here is the military version, sort of a for fun training tool/ public-relations/ recruitment product that wasn’t supposed to be released for the wide public. LAN play is possible through Hamachi.

Hopefully this will be of interest/ get you psyched for E3 2019. Either way, have a great summer everyone!